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Lital & Moshe

HeladO team- you were perfect! A winning team like you has once in a lifetime! We are so glad to have chosen you to accompany us on our special day! From the moment you entered the door in the stages of organization and until the last visitor left the hall, you could not miss the joyful and relaxing atmosphere you created around us, the young spirit on the dance floor. We will certainly recommend you warmly to anyone who can! Love, Lital and Moshe

Orly & Kobi

When you hear the phrase “One picture is worth a thousand words....” Elad makes it happen! Thank you so much for an amazing memory that will stay with us and remind us of this beautiful and magical day for the rest of our lives! We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and now a friend to be there with us and cherish the moments that will be remembered forever!!! Thank you Elad so much for making this day an amazing and fun event and I wish to all my friends and family to have you on their side to catch the most important moments of their lives! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know!! Keep in touch, Orly and Kobi.

Alisa & Alberto

We were looking for a photographer to have our Save The Date pictures taken. We thought of something romantic and nice, I guess we had no clue we gonna meet Elad, I’ll have to start with a WOW!!! From thinking of nice photos, we found ourselves in an amazing adventure!!! This guy just couldn’t rest for a sec till we get the perfect shot! So professional and educated with his tools, but most than all, his energies, WOW!!! I thought we’ll just need to take good pictures, I guess I didn’t realize how important is the fun part of it. Elad made us enjoy every sec and looked for the best in every step we took that day! This guy need no recommendations, it’ll be every person’s honor to have him involved in capturing their most important moments of their lives.

Erika & Nate

We had such an amazing experience in our photography session with the crew. As a person, HeladO is so full of joy and wonder. His enthusiasm and openness made us feel completely comfortable with the process. It was really more than just a photo shoot, it was a complete experience and, in hindsight, a great memory. And we're so ecstatic with the results. The way he captured us and our emotions in the midst of that beautiful setting was deeply unique and creative. It was an art form. Thank you so much, HeladO

Vanessa & Marcelo

Lindas fotos, lindos registros!!! Sorte a nossa de poder desfrutar do tempo que você esteve no México e fez um dos registros mais lindos do meu casamento!!! Esperamos um dia, quem sabe, reencontra-lo!!! Até mais!! Obrigada!!

Michal & Yakir

HeladO team were best decision we made in our wedding! They were professional, patients, funny and took terrific shots of our guests and us. Even though we don’t fans of being photographed, they succeed to make us feel calm all over the day. Everything was perfect – from my first phone call to Elad to the quick turnaround (around 1500 photos in 3 days!!!) We couldn’t wish for a better photographers! So…if you are a couple that doesn’t like the camera like us – take HeladO!

Paty & Per

Having Helado and Omer as our photographers was one of the best things in our wedding. Before, during and after! From the first moment we talked to Helado, he was always full of ideas and a great energy that really helped us get hyped about our big day. Our photo session before the wedding made us remember in the middle of the stress that it was all about having fun and celebrating happiness. Needless to say the work was beautiful! We loved how they worked with the light and how together they captured really good angles as well as special moments. The photos go from romantic to funny and exciting. They captured the essence of us, our guests and our event and we will forever be grateful for how they managed to preserve this memories for us.

Amit & Bar

HeladO and of course the whole winning team !!! Thank you very much for amazing day About laughter, love and of course insanity There is no doubt that you are a photographer with supreme grace !!

Tania & Achiav

HeladO HeladO HeladO!!!! You are a huge person Regardless of the pictures you sent us We are in love with you Thanks for everything!!!

Tal & Idan

You are amazing! really! The best choice! This day would not have looked the same without each and every one of you! These energies that have lifted us throughout the day! Everyone talks about you! I wish you always be busy with work! There are no photographers like you! And the pictures, amazing !!!!!!!!!! Can not wait to see the rest! Thank you for an unforgettable day!

Nofar & Guy

We would like to thanks Helado and his amazing crew for shooting our wedding- they are super-professional, energetic, friendly and made us laugh the entire day. We also recieved lots of compliments on Helado and our guests couldn't stop talking about their great work during the party. Everything was perfect- Helado was defentley our best choice Thank you!!!! Nofar & Guy 28.11.17

Noa & Amitai

Such an amazing experience!! Helado is the best! We met him during our honeymoon and traveled with him to the most incredible places in Mexico. Every shot was wonderful! The way he finds the right angles and the accuracy he has are just inspiring. We recommend to take him anywhere He's just the person you want to have on your special day. We love you helado!!! Noa & Amitai

Chen & Adi

I accidentally saw Helado’s photos somewhere in the internet and was amazed... ‏It was approximately 5 years ago- long before I met my husband, ‏But that fact didn’t stop me from deciding that Helado is going to be the company that will take those moments of my special day and makes it perfect on the album as well... ‏So as the moment came, and I started to plan our wedding, the first thing I did was to send Elad a massage that was written like that: ‏“ Helado team you are the best, we are getting married in 17.09.2017 and you are going to be our photographers so I hope you are free, and if you are not- cancel the other wedding because we have to have you there”! ‏As expected, the photos and the videos are perfect, but the most important thing is that those guys made us laugh all day and let us feel as the most important people and really rock with us on the dancing floor We are friends now! ‏I recommend on Helado from the bottom of my heard , if you are looking for professional guys how will also make your day more fun and easy, who will take care of not missing a thing you got to the right place ‏Thank you guys for everything. Elad, Idan, Itamar Shmuel and Omer we love you Yours, Chen & Adi

Hen & Elad

From the first moment we met HeladO, it was love at first sight and immediately we knew we had made the best choice we could have! He and the team will do everything for a good picture and will not give up until it's perfect. Each image is more unique and creative than the other. The wedding day passed with fun and laughter, during the event they become part of the guests, dancing, jumping and running wild and there is no one who does not fall in love with them! I don't have enough words to thank them for such an enjoyable day and perfect pictures We love you so much guys !!!!! Hen&Elad

Anat & Itzik

I have known HeladO for 20+ years, and at the moment that my husband offered me to marry him, I told him that we were taking HeladO’s team and I didn't care about anyone else. Let's start with the fact that I had to have a photographer who would be first of all be a person, that would have good energies (and They have plenty of good energy) and only after the amazing energies he would be an amazing photographer. But HeladO is not an amazing photographer, he's a crazy photographer who will dare to do crazy things, crazy? The kind that bring him to the edge - because he is that kind of a person who would do anything for an amazing and diffrent photo. I'm really waiting for me to have another event in life to invite him. Highly recommend !!!! we love you all

Avital & Guy

OMG!! This crow is awesome!! They are so friendly and great photographers. Everyone knows that the wedding is the best time ever . And for my wife it was all about the pictures and the good vibes and those guys did both so good The picture are incredible I’m really thinking about in large all the photos they took in our wedding. Thank you soooo much guys you where an incredible part of our wedding and I’m so happy you took apart and the pictures are so great . We will definitely Recommend you to other couples.

Inbal & Ben

Amazing photographers!!! risked their lives for perfect pictures!!! thank you so much for being with us on our special day, we love u and appreciate all :)

Sonia & Iyar

We got married 2 years ago(!) and Helado was the first and only photographer we met. 2 years later we know we couldn't make a better choice! Every photo was on point and captured the essence of our celebration. Helado and his team inspired cool and hip atmosphere that prevails throughout the photos and videos. Helado is definitely one of the best choices we made for that day!

Sharon & Avi

Having this perfect team on our special day was the best choice ever! They have the craziest vision and imagination and also the talent to capture it! We had the best time and love you so much! Sharon and Avi

Maayan & Haim

We had an amazing day with HeladO team, shooting photos at places people only could dream about. For us it was a great experience with a special photographers who become a good friends, they are very talented in what they do and the photos we received the next day left us speechless.
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